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Mergers and Collaboration

No one would suggest that cooperation and collaboration in our sector is a bad idea, yet only the brave few are willing to actually explore what blending strengths with a complementary organization might look like. Ego, turf, branding and logistics are just a few of the challenges.

Open post Nonprofit Board Development

Board Development

The strength of your board is inexplicably linked to your organization’s future success. Is your board the right size? Do you have the talent you need? Is each member actively engaged in furthering your mission? Meanwhile, the effectiveness of any nonprofit will rise or fall dramatically in direct relationship to the ability of its board“Board Development”

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Open post Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessments

Sometimes the best value that a savvy nonprofit consultant can bring is a fresh and unbiased point of view. Whether your nonprofit seems stuck in its infancy or is a long-established institution in a flat growth phase—or at any number of chapters in between—it can be very useful to have an outsider’s take on everything“Organizational Assessments”

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Open post Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Life in the nonprofit sector makes demands on a staff and board in ways that seem almost contradictory: always keep a strategic focus, but mind the nuts and bolts. Make sure you’re mission-driven and always remain true to your organizational values, but deliver programs and maintain financial systems with a bottom-line eye for efficiency. We“Technical Assistance”

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