Supporters have a life cycle, too

Understanding where your nonprofit is on a life cycle curve is an extremely useful way to appreciate various challenges you’re experiencing, both strategic and tactical. From founding to just a small board to growing toward having a paid staff and building program capacity, knowing the implications of life cycle theory can be essential to your […]

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Are memberships right for you?

From museums and other cultural entities to animal protection groups to a wide range of public policy/advocacy organizations, we are all familiar with nonprofits that develop their support through memberships. This avenue may primarily serve as a way to engage first-level donors, although it can also be directly linked to delivering service. Small nonprofits in […]

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A candid look at fundraising effectiveness

Last year in the American nonprofit sector, every $100 raised from new, upgraded, and previously lapsed donors was typically offset by $96 lost through gift attrition. So while this indicates a positive net-growth in giving, it’s a slim margin. Calculate our progress by numbers of donors instead of dollars, however, and the trend is much […]

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Are you fundraising in a “vacuum?”

Operating “in a vacuum” generally refers to action taken without any connection to other people or events. It’s hard to imagine in any context how being in a vacuum is a positive. When leaders in our sector use this phrase, there are actually two definitions, and you may need to consider whether one or both […]

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