Proper microphone use

Can you hear me now? How often have you been at a conference or meeting and been frustrated by the poor use of a microphone? For all our advances in technology, a lot of bad sound is simply the result of talkers who don’t know how to use a mic. Here are tips to make […]

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How to Make Your Special Events Special

Special events oftentimes fizzle even with the best of intentions behind them. Have you ever been involved with a special event that cost your organization more time, work, and energy than it was really worth? Many organizations plan special events without a real goal in mind or an accurate assessment of the organization’s ability to […]

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Planning Your Special Event

Almost any organization seeking to raise dollars from individual donors sooner or later realizes that it needs to have one or two special events every year. There are dozens of different types of special events, ranging from walks, runs, dinners, annual meetings, parties, etc. The key is to be very clear as to what goals […]

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Fresh Ideas for Special Events

At one time or another most nonprofit organizations organize special events to raise money, promote their cause, gather media attention, celebrate staff and volunteers, or garner corporate sponsorship. When determining whether to hold a special event, it’s important to be crystal clear and brutally honest in terms of what your goal is: is it solely […]

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