When people say yes . . . too often

When you approach a prospective board member who fits your organization’s needs perfectly, it’s great when he or she says yes to consider serving. It’s a thrill when a donor says yes to making a gift or bequest. It’s wonderful to know that a foundation or other funder has said yes to your proposal. But […]

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Strengthen employee engagement, not just performance

Ever wonder what makes your best employees into “rock stars” when others are just plugging dutifully along? One difference is their level of engagement. Actively engaged employees are builders. They perform at consistently high levels. They want to use their talents and strengths at work every day. They work with passion and they drive innovation […]

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The art of delegation

How often have you asked a staff person or a volunteer to do something for your organization, only to be frustrated later that the task wasn’t done? Have you considered how many variables there are in this seemingly simple equation? Remember the old saying, “A message sent is not always a message received; a message […]

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Hire a veteran and . . .

Following the completion of their military assignments, some people find themselves working in the nonprofit sector. Our sector does, after all, comprise nearly 10 percent of the U.S. workforce. No doubt there are a number of former military personnel on your board or staff. Have you hired a veteran, or are you one yourself? It’s […]

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