Courtney Kneipp

Courtney KneippSenior Associate

Courtney brings RMA the fresh, invaluable perspective of today’s emerging nonprofit professional— smart and serious, passionate about making a difference, youthful and cautiously optimistic, and more than a little impatient about the soft layer of complacency that some in our sector have been caught dozing on. Courtney’s research and nonprofit background experience have extended both internationally as well as locally within the United States. Her vision and commitment to community engagement, nonprofit impact and leadership-based outreach have given her the opportunity to work with a wide variety of nonprofits in our sector.

Her qualifications include, program development and evaluation, operational management assessment, fundraising and financial management review, volunteer management, development and recruitment, nonprofit capacity building, community engagement, strategic thinking, comprehensive research analysis and aptitude in nonprofit policy development, and compliance and reporting. In addition to strategic thinking, marketing/visibility, and fundraising (along with a host of other services), the compilation her work abroad, nonprofit research, volunteer and internship experiences and education have provided her the experience necessary to facilitate sustainable change for nonprofit organizations and their leadership. She has worked with animal welfare and religious organizations to conduct Resource Development Plans as well as provided Strategic Planning and Marketing/Visibility strategies for education and human service organizations. Courtney has also helped facilitate several local and national Strategic Planning processes for both growth stage and mature nonprofits.

She recently completed her Master of Nonprofit Management program at Regis University and was honored with the David M. Clarke, S.J. Fellowship for demonstrated leadership, potential to make a contribution to the nonprofit sector and recognition as a civil society capacity builder. While earning her Master’s degree, Courtney also earned certifications in Nonprofit Capacity Building and Nonprofit Leadership.

Her unique approach at assessing culture, philosophy and integrated team dynamics, as well as organizational infrastructure and growth have made her a principal member of the RMA team.