How to Capitalize on a Hot Streak

It is a funny thing that happens when you are on a hot streak and going to the World Series as the Colorado Rockies are this week. The whole city becomes unified and a common passion and vision unfold.

There have probably been times when your organization has experienced a hot streak receiving some fabulously good news that you were awarded a major prize, a foundation has given you a very significant grant, and/or the governor presented you with the non-profit of the year award. Sometimes issues appear in the press that get people talking about your organization.

When you find yourself on a hot streak, how should you respond? When tremendous opportunities present themselves how do you open up doors to take advantage of these special times? How can you maximize these hot streaks?

  1. Meet with your entire staff and board and devise a plan to announce this special occasion. Come up with a way to “roll out” this event and assign a spokesperson who will talk to the media.
  2. See if the mayor of your city could issue a proclamation in favor of your organization and the issue or event that transpired.
  3. Feature it on the home page of your website so that anyone visiting will see the news right away.
  4. Put out a special edition of your newsletter or other marketing materials.
  5. Conduct a direct mail appeal around the event and try to get someone to match the donations.
  6. Set up a meeting or luncheon with your primary funding sources so you can personally tell them what happened and thank them for their partnership with you.
  7. Consider holding a “leadership summit” where you invite the key stakeholders and leaders in your organization (past and present) to come together to discuss your future and how this special occasion could take you to the next level.
  8. Partner with a corporation that is aligned with your issue or organization. See if you could get a company to do a special promotional piece on your organization or write a piece in their newsletter and put it on their company website.
  9. Call up a reporter in your city and see if they will do a feature article or a story on this event.
  10. If the issue is important in your city e-mail the editorial editor of your newspaper and get permission to write an op/ed piece.

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