How to Get Each Board Member to Raise $500

It’s important for board members to raise money for their organization on their own. While it’s sometimes difficult to get motivated to do this, it’s not impossible. Below we list some wonderful tried and true ways (and some ideas you may have never thought of) to light the fire.

Some tips excerpted from an article by Kim Klein, a writer for Grassroots Fundraising Journal :

  1. Acquire mailing lists for your organization. If you belong to another group, perhaps you can set up an exchange, or perhaps you have access to a list of members of some other group. You can ask all your friends to give you the names of 10 to 15 people they think would like to join. You would need to recruit about 25 members at an average gift of $15. Depending on how “hot” your list is, you might need as few as 200 names (to do a bulk mailing) or as many as 1500-3000 (if you expect a 1-2 percent response). You would have to have a greater response if you wanted the mailing to pay for itself and also generate $500.
  2. Ask 2-5 friends to help with a bake sale, book sale, or garage sale. You and your friends bake the goodies, or get the books or the other stuff required for the sale, staff it, and help clean up afterwards. This is an excellent way to get people involved in fundraising without ever actually asking them for money.
  3. Offer to do something your friends and family have been nagging you to do anyway, and attach a price to it. For example, quit smoking on the condition that your friends donate to your group, or get your friends to pay a certain amount for every day you don’t smoke up to 30 days. Agree to match their gifts at the end of thirty days if you didn’t smoke give them their money back if you did. (This method could be applied to other healthy behaviors, such as exercising or not eating sugar.)
  4. If, as a child, you collected something avidly that you now store in a basement, consider selling it. Coins and stamps are particularly valuable and have usually increased in value over the years. But your collection of rocks, toy ships or rockets, arrowheads, or dolls can also be valuable. When you donate the income from the sale, you can deduct that amount from your taxes-an added bonus of this strategy, since you probably paid little or nothing for the items in the collection.

And now for some tips straight from Rich:

  1. Donate your airline miles. Auction these miles off at a special event.
  2. Simply donate $50 to the organization.
  3. Ask the owner of your favorite restaurant to donate a dinner for two and sell it to your volunteers, friends, and other board members.
  4. Host a parlor meeting at your home and invite 15 of your friends and ask that each person to donate $50.
  5. If you have a second home in a resort town, donate it for $500 per week.

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