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What can a consultant do for your nonprofit?

  • A consultant can see things that you can’t—because you’re too close to the subject or too weary to focus (we’ve never met a nonprofit executive who was underworked).
  • A consultant can help you get “unstuck.”
  • A consultant can show you a way forward when something just isn’t working and you’re not sure what it is.
  • A consultant can help you break down overwhelming challenges into logical, linear steps.
  • A consultant can help build—or revive—the commitment of your board and staff, and can help you navigate through the inevitable conflicts that occur.
  • A consultant can teach you the approaches and skills you’ll use to sustain your organization long after the consultant’s work is done.
  • A consultant encourages you to see the horizon—to think strategically instead of “leading through the rear view mirror” and living hand to mouth.

What sets RMA apart from other consultants?

One very essential ingredient: experience. When you hire RMA to create a roadmap for you, you’re getting one of Colorado’s most seasoned and well-known nonprofit thinkers, Rich Male. You’re also getting a seasoned, senior team of talent.

We bring a very personalized, custom approach to every contract and every project. We start with a lot of listening. At RMA there is no “cookie-cutter” board retreat or fundraising plan.

We are highly accessible to you – in person, by phone, by email, by VoIP – and always include far more hours, resources, ideas, and connections than what is written in a contract. In that regard RMA is very affordable, too.

Over decades of work, we have a reputation for results and a network of contacts that is unparalleled in this region.

How do you know when it’s time to contact RMA? 

… when you are ready to build your technical prowess on financial management, program evaluation, outreach/marketing

… when you see your usual streams of income or support fading

… when your grants are being declined

… when your staff or board is shrinking, unmotivated, or resisting innovation

… when you need help with executive, board or management staff recruitment

…when you are tired of floating without a compass (without a strategic plan or without a comprehensive, long-range approach to raising money)

… and last but not least, when you need broad spectrum training or keynote speakers

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