Richard Male


Richard Male

Richard Male is a recognized leader, trainer, and consultant, nationally and internationally, in the fields of leadership development, fundraising, community organizing, social justice and public policy for non-profit organizations, faith-based entities, private foundations, local municipalities and schools. Since 2000 he has served as president of a Colorado-based training, consulting and coaching company that bears his name, specializing in services for nonprofit and NGOs worldwide to survive and thrive in challenging times.

For 40 years he has conducted training sessions, provided consultation, coached and mentored, and been a keynote speaker, teacher and facilitator to literally thousands of organizations. These include faith-based, indigenous, and grassroots community organizations as well as working with people at the neighborhood, statewide, national and international levels.

International NGO work: For many years Rich has been involved in supporting grassroots and indigenous nongovernmental organizations with a variety of capacity building, resource mobilization, governance, management and leadership support projects. Rich has been a consultant and coach for hundreds of civil society organizations in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin America, and Africa. He has worked on human rights issues from the Middle East with Palestinians and Bedouins as well as disenfranchised communities in Eastern Europe when the Communist wall came down. Rich has worked on children’s issues in Haiti, on civil rights issues with the disability community in Australia, on women’s health care and human rights and disability issues in Guatemala, and youth organizations from many countries in Europe, South America, Africa, and North America. Most recently he has worked on a wide variety of human rights, education, literacy and development needs in Africa, concentrating in Ethiopia and Tanzania.

Rich is presently on the board of directors of Africa Network for Animal Welfare-US, helping to raise funds throughout the United States for this important NGO. He is currently working in Mongolia with human rights, women, and environmental groups that are working to minimize the damage that mining companies are reeking on their fragile environment. In addition to the environmental work, Rich is also developing a project for the National University of Mongolia to design a Master’s Degree Program in NGO leadership.

A few of Rich’s clients include the Haiti’s Children, Ethiopia Reads, AfricAid, Kageno, the Soros and Asia Foundations in Mongolia, WINGS-Guatemala, Educo Africa, Rose Community Foundation, Denver Foundation, the National Council on Independent Living, Southern New Mexico Community Action Agency, National Spinal Cord Injury Association, Center on Urban Education, National Association of Community Action Agencies, and AmeriCorps.

1994, Rich was invited to provide community organizing, leadership development and fundraising assistance to a wide variety of civil and human rights groups in Israel. He worked with the Ethiopian, Russian, Palestinian and disability communities throughout the country. In 1995 Rich was awarded a fellowship by the Kellogg Foundation to be part of the international symposium on leadership as a Salzburg, Austria fellow.

CRC Founder: In 1981, Rich founded the Community Resource Center (CRC), a national nonprofit organization which has provided a wide variety of training, consulting, and leadership services to over 3,000 non-profit organizations in the Rocky Mountain West and throughout the United States. While at CRC, Rich helped organize the Colorado Association of Non-profit Organizations (CANPO), Community Shares of Colorado, published the Colorado Grants Guide and helped organize dozens of grassroots initiatives involving people of color, persons with disabilities, environmental concerns and social justice issues. Rich obtained a national demonstration grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to organize a public policy institute and statewide organization, which develops grassroots leadership to impact public policy at a local and statewide level. Under Rich’s leadership, CRC was honored with the Samaritan Institute Award from the Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance as the organization that exemplifies the highest ethical values through its work in the community. In 1997, the Colorado Association of Nonprofit Organizations awarded Rich their highest honor, the William Funk Award for Building Community.

Educator: Since 1971, Rich has taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses in subject areas such as grant writing, fundraising and resource development, governance, leadership development, social justice community organizing/public policy; contemporary issues in society; religious institutions in the community; and proposal writing. He has taught at the following colleges and universities: State University of New York (SUNY), Washington University (St. Louis), the Iliff School of Theology and the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver, Hawaii Pacific University, Regis University, the University of Colorado at Denver, and Metropolitan State College of Denver. He received the 1996 Excellence in Teaching Award in Graduate Programs of the School for Professional Studies at Regis University.

Individual and organizational leadership: Rich has served on many local and national boards of directors, including the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (Washington, D.C.), Colorado Association on Nonprofit Organizations, Native Voices (Alaska), African Network for Animal Welfare (Kenya), Training Resources for the Environmental Community (Seattle) and the National Philanthropy Day Committee. A longtime champion of independent sector advocacy, Rich has been involved in U.S. civil rights and national public policy issues such as the passage of the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, the Community Reinvestment Act, and the Americans for Disabilities Act (ADA).

Strategic fundraising. In 1996 Rich formed Grant Guides Plus, a for-profit corporation that provided information, training and educational assistance to non-profit organizations, schools and local governments nationally. GGP was most visible through the publication of sophisticated databases, research instruments and grant writing services and was the publisher of comprehensive grant guides for the states of California, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and New Jersey. In 2000 Rich merged Grant Guides Plus with a new company that provided an on-line searchable database for nonprofits, schools, and local governments throughout the country. Grantseeker has analyzed over $19 billion in grants from private foundations, corporations, government and religious funding sources, and has one of the premier search engines on grants in the country.

Grassroots activist. Rich started off his work in social justice, human rights and community organizing in the 1960’s in the Mississippi Delta working on civil rights issues with the African American community in the rural south where he was both a community organizer and civil rights worker as well as being the executive director of their civil rights organization. He also spent time at the Saul Alinski Industrial Areas Foundation (Chicago) organizing on a wide variety of poor people’s issues around housing, crime, discrimination and jobs issues in low-income black neighborhoods.

People with disabilities. Rich was involved in the early days of the U.S. disability movement and was involved with the forming of ADAPT with Wade Blank and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). The ADA was the premier model of civil rights legislation in the world for persons with disabilities. Rich’s role was to train the activists and leadership prior to the direct actions and demonstrations that were taking place around the U.S. He continues to provide training, workshops, and consulting to disability organizations all around the country and internationally.

Education: Rich has an undergraduate degree in economics from New York University and a Masters in Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis.

Consultancy rates: Given the wide range of projects it has been involved in, RMA develops custom deliverables and fee systems for every client. Rich can command $125/hour for mature or institutional phase organizations but adjusts his rates and that of his associates to meet the diverse needs of indigenous, start-up and grassroots nonprofits/NGOs.

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