Board development

The strength of your board is inexplicably linked to your organization’s future success.  Is your board the right size? Do you have the talent you need? Is each member actively engaged in furthering your mission? Meanwhile, the effectiveness of any nonprofit will rise or fall dramatically in direct relationship to the ability of its board of directors and staff leadership to function as a well-synchronized team.

RMA can help you:

  • Improve the structure and effectiveness of your board/staff dynamic
  • Clarify board and staff roles and responsibilities, including a strong committee system
  • Identify, recruit and orient exceptional new board members—not just “warm bodies,” resume-builders, or no-shows
  • Take critical steps to ensure that these essential volunteers stay engaged
  • Coach board members to help raise money
  • Provide the tools for your board to be “ambassadors” of your mission\
  • Position your best board talent to lead
  • Think today about succession (of people and of programs), before it’s a crisis
  • Make the most out of every well-run, educational, effective meeting

Our recent experience includes the following board-related projects:

In-depth personal, telephone and electronic surveys of current and prospective board members in advance of a retreat focusing on ways for each director to support fundraising through community outreach

Conducting a nationwide membership survey for a nonprofit board that is reevaluating its role in advocacy and seeking to re-connect with its constituents

Coaching a small, founding board on how to grow and evolve so that its organization can transition from an incubation and grassroots phase to rapid-growth adolescence

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