Community Engagement

Building a powerful and sustainable nonprofit requires us to mobilize the support, interest and ideas of a diverse community. We understand that the drive to accomplish important objectives often leaves little time to cultivate relationships and find ways to involve our constituencies, but this is a critical aspect of nonprofit success that cannot be left to chance. Nonprofits that invest in involving, engaging and developing their constituencies find their efforts rewarded with expanding access, reputation, funding and the ability to take necessary risks.

RMA develops community engagement in your organization that actually saves money and makes your organization stronger and more powerful at the same time.

RMA can help you:

  • Strategically map your constituency to reach those who will strengthen your programs, funding and sustainability
  • Organize your community for action and collective impact
  • Develop appropriate leadership, expanding your reach and making you more effective
  • Articulate and implement a model of ongoing engagement that works for your organization

Recent community engagement projects RMA has conducted with clients include:

Designing resident engagement strategies for action and setting objectives to stimulate ownership, broad commitment and firmly root programs in local constituencies.  Working directly with staff and board, RMA charts a rapid and cost-effective course that pays off in significant new leadership supporting programs and funding.

Facilitating community-planning processes that result in clear objectives and enthusiasm on issues an organization is working to solve and, then, matches these to the resources and capacity of the organization.  We have helped diverse groups to come to clarity on purpose and succeed to make an impact on their issues.  

Coaching board and staff to manage and grow strategic relationships across communities. Effective engagement requires building not only trust but also the ability to help others succeed.  A few hours a month of our in-service coaching has helped to establish lasting relationship and new leadership on which organizations can build

We have worked with the following organizations on Community Engagement projects:

  1. LiveWell Colorado Communities
  2. Montbello Organizing Committee
  3. New York Association of Land Trusts
  4. Independence Center of Colorado Springs
  5. WINGS Guatemala
  6. Responsive Mining Initiative in Mongolia
  7. Ivory Free Colorado
  8. New York Association of Independent Living Centers
  9. Teaching community organizing, social justice at universities such as Regis University and the University of Denver



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