Executive Searches

We believe that hiring the right Executive goes beyond identifying the candidate with the most impressive resume. During our years of conducting Executive Searches, RMA has seen time and again that the best candidates for these positions ultimately satisfy three important criteria: 1) Personality; 2) Cultural Fit; and 3) Skill Set. Candidates who poses the right combination of all three qualities are able to effectively lead and motivate the organization through the immediate future as well as in achieving the organization’s long-term, strategic vision.

During this process, RMA will work with your organization to successfully hire a highly qualified Executive, whose skills and personality align with your organization’s strategic growth goals and culture.

RMA can help you:

  • Form and support the Executive Search Committee
  • Identify and assess your organization’s current life cycle stage as it relates to the needs of your organization, both in its current position and future vision
  • Lead an organizational cultural assessment and personality/leadership-style assessments
  • Align the Executive job description with the organization’s strategic goals and culture
  • Clearly articulate the personality fit and skill set for which your organization is looking
  • Post, screen and interview candidates
  • Conduct strategic reference checks
  • Facilitate thoughtful board decision-making discussions, with the attendance of appropriate level staff
  • Prepare an offer letter
  • Navigate the negotiation process
  • Prepare announcement
  • Create, if necessary, orientation materials

Our recent experience includes the following Executive Search-related projects:

Guiding the Board Chair and Executive Search Committee through the process of aligning the Executive Director job description with the organization’s current growth stage and strategic vision.

Coaching an Executive Director to identify and understand her leadership-style, as well as the styles/personalities of her staff. We worked with the ED to identify the appropriate balance of her needs with the needs of her staff, in relation to the hiring of a Director of Development position.

Conducting the initial resume review, after developing appropriate screening criteria, to eliminate the unqualified applicants from the pool before presenting the top candidates to the Executive Search Committee for thoughtful review.

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