Keynotes and training

For all his decades in the nonprofit sector, working as a community organizer, executive director, and organizational and fundraising consultant, Rich Male is at his core a teacher. He is equally comfortable talking about sector trends or leadership challenges from a ballroom podium as he is conducting a small-group workshop on a specific topic. From print publications to interactive workshops to webinars, RMA can be a tremendous resource for board retreats, community/stakeholder meetings, membership events, volunteer recognition receptions, and staff team-building.

RMA can help you:

  • Enrich your conference or meeting with a provocative keynote presentation
  • Design training sessions with your specific audience and learning goals in mind
  • Explore fundamental fundraising principles, like donor cultivation or forming relationships with foundation decion-makers
  • Help boards appreciate their role, their responsibilities, and how to get engaged
  • Set a course for better communication, trust and accountability among employees

Our recent experience includes the following keynote and training projects:

Two statewide meetings of nonprofit organizations with a keynote luncheon presentation on leadership in these challenging times, challenging the audience to take more risk, move out of their comfort zones, and accept that only by facing adversity are we likely to make meaningful system change

Developing and delivering three full-day workshops for a community foundation’s audience of regional nonprofit executives and board members, focusing on advocacy, outreach/public relations, and fundraising

Working with a statewide association of conservation industry professionals on new ways to frame their messaging to voters and community groups, maximize media exposure, and more effectively advocate for their cause with city, county, and state lawmakers

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