Organizational assessments

Sometimes the best value that a savvy nonprofit consultant can bring is a fresh and unbiased point of view. Whether your nonprofit seems stuck in its infancy or is a long-established institution in a flat growth phase—or at any number of chapters in between—it can be very useful to have an outsider’s take on everything from mission evolution to board governance to staffing patterns to financial systems. In a proven model that is both comprehensive and fast-moving, we tour your site, interview staff, survey the board, and give you an essential tip-to-toe report with recommendations for the months and years ahead. New executive? Losing a major funder? Considering shifting priorities? An assessment can be a very affordable and effective way to appreciate what’s not working, what your opportunities are, and how to move ahead.

RMA can help you:

  • Appreciate your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in a fresh way
  • Cope with internal conflicts that may be hindering your progress and wasting time
  • Understand your nonprofit’s life cycle—and that of individual programs—and act accordingly
  • Design a more effective board recruitment, orientation, and engagement strategy
  • See where your mission has drifted, or help your board steer the ship to new directions
  • Energize and re-focus your fundraising to maximize opportunity

Our recent experience includes the following assessment projects:

Helping a large nonprofit recover from a leadership and financial management crisis, averting negative media and coaching the new executive and staff to regain confidence in their mission and many assets

Providing an in-depth “snapshot” for a well-regarded nonprofit that was stable but not growing, helping the board and staff see opportunities to deepen and strengthen fundraising through better donor cultivation and a much expanded roster of events around the country

Through personal and small-group interviews as well as board sessions, guiding the domestic fundraising arm of an Africa-based NGO to consider changing needs in its program delivery in-country and how to restructure both board and staff in the U.S. to better satisfy donor/funder questions about outcomes

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