Strategic planning

Making time for your board and staff to embark on a strategic plan should not be a postponed luxury. A well-conceived strategic plan takes into account your vision, mission and broad-reaching goals, includes the perspectives of different stakeholders, and translates naturally into an annual program of work with performance benchmarks. A multi-year plan will inform board recruitment, program development, and strategic fundraising. Set sail without one and you’ll risk ending up adrift.

RMA can help you:

  • Understand the implications of your organizational life cycle
  • Garner essential input from board, staff, funders, donors and clients
  • Set ambitious but realistic goals
  • Integrate resource development strategies to make it all possible
  • Clarify responsibilities throughout board and staff
  • Ensure, through training and involvement, that the plan is successfully followed

Our recent experience includes the following strategic plan projects:

Helping a complacent, somewhat stagnant nonprofit revitalize its board and re-design its program mix to move beyond its traditional boundaries and reach a far greater audience of new fans, volunteers, and donors

Working with a small, local organization to position itself for growth, including researching the potential to refine its unique program and package it for application well beyond Colorado, substantially reducing its reliance on grants by building earned income

Coaching a turnaround nonprofit beyond its reliance on one or two programs and its stale “one-off” fundraising approaches into a more sustainable, multi-state entity with a much larger and engaged board opening doors, better geographic representation and clearer messaging platform

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