Technical assistance

Life in the nonprofit sector makes demands on a staff and board in ways that seem almost contradictory: always keep a strategic focus, but mind the nuts and bolts. Make sure you’re mission-driven and always remain true to your organizational values, but deliver programs and maintain financial systems with a bottom-line eye for efficiency. We understand it can be overwhelming. Sometimes you just need some focused help, or a funder requires that you strengthen systems in a specific area.

RMA can help you:

  • Map out specific objectives like community outreach and media relations
  • Design realistic, continuous program measurement and evaluation
  • Energize board and staff on fundraising tactics and how-to’s
  • Strengthen essential systems, like HR and financial controls
  • Draft or freshen your standard grant boilerplate or common grant application

Our recent experience includes the following technical assistance projects:

Conducting a board training about succession planning from the broadest perspective—not merely planning for the next executive director but also considering turnover of other senior staff, the composition of the board, and even that events and programs will eventually get stale

Reviewing the fundraising strengths and weaknesses of a small, rural nonprofit, considering its competition for attention and dollars from other like-minded programs in the region but also helping the executive focus the board on ways to help “without asking for money”

Guiding an executive director and his operations director through a comprehensive performance review that included self-evaluation, peer evaluation, and board/staff feedback through personal interviews, phone interviews, and an electronic survey tool

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