Who We Are

Rich MaleFounder/President

Richard Male

Rich is a recognized leader, trainer, and consultant, nationally and internationally, in the fields of leadership development, fundraising, community organizing, social justice and public policy for nonprofit organizations, faith-based entities, private foundations, local municipalities and schools. Full bio.

Susan Liehe, Senior Associate

Susan has more than 30 years of increasingly senior communications experience with strong emphasis in the nonprofit sector, where she has worked exclusively since 1985. Full bio.

Scott DuPree

Scott DuPree, Senior Associate

A. Scott DuPree is an international civil society consultant with extensive experience in helping build and strengthens civil society organizations in Southern Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Southeast Asia and the United States. Full bio.

Courtney KneippCourtney Kneipp, Senior Associate 

Courtney brings RMA the fresh, invaluable perspective of today’s emerging nonprofit professional—smart and serious, passionate about making a difference, youthful and cautiously optimistic, and more than a little impatient about the soft layer of complacency that some in our sector have been caught dozing on. Full bio.

reid-smReid Dominie, Associate/Executive Assistant

Reid began her professional career working for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a Hazard Mitigation Planner, assisting communities in the development of long-term plans aimed at reducing their future risks to natural disasters. This experience reinforced her appreciation of the necessity for working directly with communities and their constituents in the development of implementable common strategies. Full bio.