Your Mid-Year Review

One half of the calendar year is already passed and we need to review what is working and what needs to be strengthened and improved. This process should become a regular part of managing an organization and should involve both the staff and the board members. It’s imperative you make the necessary corrections and changes to keep the organizational ship heading in the right direction.

Let’s take a look at some of the key elements that you should examine during this review.

  1. Tracking financials. You need to review this year’s first six months of operation. Be sure to examine the cash-flow so you can anticipate your financial position for the rest of the year.
  2. Monitoring the program service delivery systems. Meet with the program and line staff and evaluate how the programs are functioning. Decide what is working and what needs to be changed. And review how the service delivery systems are operating.
  3. Tracking resource development and fundraising goals. Are the revenue projections on target? Have you met your grant goals for the past six months and do you have proposals in the “pipeline”? Do you have the fundraising people and systems in place?
  4. Reviewing organizational work plans and long range goals. How are you doing with your 12 month operational plan for the agency? Are you on track and moving in the right direction for your long range goals?
  5. Are all grant reports current and filed? Have you taken the time to fill out the grant reports that your foundations and institutional funding sources required? Have you sent thank you notes to all of your donors and supporters?
  6. Is your annual audit and IRS 990 report completed and available for agency use? If not, have you filed an extension? Have you reviewed the 990 document and is your percentage of fundraising and administrative expenses less than 25 percent of your total costs?
  7. Does the audit report have a management letter with comments that require addressing? Has the board of directors had a chance to review the letter and work with the bookkeeper/accountant to make the necessary changes?
  8. Have you filed the annual charitable funds solicitation registration information with your secretary of state or the appropriate state department? Are you current with all state and federal legal filings?
  9. Is your website current? It is a good idea to go through the website and update all information so it is timely, current, and attractive.
  10. Looking ahead, what are you “planning” for next year? Have you begun to think about where you want to be next year? Have you set up a time for a fall retreat to establish the plans and goals for next year? Remember, you can’t be driving through the rear view mirror while anticipating the future.

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